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Several websites have posted articles and interviews about my navigation research:, (research), (personal page)

On May 6, 2014 I participated in a radio discussion about the role of virtual reality in future developments (Business News Radio). More information can be found here

In 2013, I conducted several studies at Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam. A description of these studies can be found here 

On April 29, 2011 I was interviewed during a national radio broadcast (Max Radio 5) in reply to a listener’s question: Why do I always go in the wrong direction when I walk out of a store? See website

A press release about the outcomes of my thesis was distributed by ANP (Dutch Press Agency). This release was published online by several national Dutch newspapers and other media, see for instance:, de Volkskrant

In 2009 the newspaper published an article on navigation ability, based on interviews with my colleagues and me.

In 2008 the broadcasting association BNN consulted our research group on how to improve spatial skills for their show: “get smarter in a week”. We coached several celebrities on navigation skills. See website